precision gauge tape and reference sheets

Blank Parts

We will be happy to produce standard size blanks or custom length or width blanks for you from our materials in stock.

Blank Parts
From hardened carbon steel 1.1274

Available widths

1 – 50 mm

From stainless steel 1.4310 and spring-tempered brass 2.0321

Available widths

1 – 150 mm

Thicknesses  0,03 – 0,50 mm
Lengths to  max. 1000 mm

  • Perforated
  • With rounded edges or with colour markings
  • Based on your sketches or wishes


Small batch production    -  also prototypes                     
Quick delivery  -   at no or respectively low tool costs 

We are looking forward to your inquiry

with the requirements for the blanks you need and will gladly get back to you with a quote based on your sketches or drawings!