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precision gauge tape and reference sheets

Hasberg Schneider GmbH

Steel strip, metal foils, feeler gauge tape

Hasberg GmbH manufactures products made from strip steel (spring band steel, carbon steel etc.)

in the form of feeler gauge bands and metal foils (for example, precision foils). Steel strip, such as carbon steel or spring band steel can be used in many fields of application.

The elastic spring band steel – as the name “spring band steel” suggests – is required for the manufacture of springs.

Generally, strip steel and spring band steel products are widely used in industrial production. Steel strip is also used to manufacture feeler gauges, for instance.


50 mm

Precision-Thickness-Gauge-Strip 50 mm


100 mm

Precision-Thickness-Gauge-Strip 100 mm


12,7 mm

Precision-Thickness-Gauge-Strip 12,7 mm

We offer strip steel in a wide range of forms and types.

Our product range includes strip steel in various lengths, widths as well as hardness grades. The strip steel product you require is without doubt manufactured by our company – regardless of whether you need metal foils or steel foils in carbon steel or precision foils.

We are also represented in the market for feeler gauge bands, as we produce gauge tape for feeler gauges. Our feeler gauge tape (or gage strip) assures the precise functioning of the feeler gauge – you can depend on feeler gauges that are created with feeler gauge tape finished at our production facility.

Regardless of whether you are looking for feeler gauges or products made from carbon steel

we will go through the product range together with you and help you determine the best strip steel product to suit your needs.

We guarantee that our products, ranging from feeler gauge tape to steel foils made from carbon steel to precision foils, will provide you with the quality you need!


Our friendly representatives will be happy to advise you about our types of strip steel and products.