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The HASBERG Schneider GmbH

For over 80 years HASBERG Schneider GmbH, headquartered in Bernau am Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany, has been one of the leading manufacturers of precision gauge bands and reference sheets from high quality, hardened carbon steel, stainless steel and brass as well as of protective vice jaws made from light metal and PVC.

The numerous fields of application and the versatility of our steel and metal products make them invaluable for many customers – consistent high quality with narrow tolerances as well as immediate product availability are especially important to us.
We constantly strive to meet the special requirements of our customers.

Our customer base reaches throughout Europe to Asia and beyond; in many countries we work together with long-standing distribution partners, a majority of which also carry our product range, including steel strip, metal foils, vice jaws, precision gauge tape, reference sheets and more, in stock.

With the help of strong partners and employees, we are successful at meeting today’s high demands at all times.

In the future, we hope to offer our wide range of products – such as precision thickness gage strips, reference sheets and vice jaws in carbon steel, stainless steel, spring band steel or brass foil – and our efficient service to you.  

1930Hans Schneider founds HASBERG in Heidelberg, Germany.
Hence the company name HASBERG: Hans Schneider, Heidelberg.
Production of cylinder drilling machines, honing machines and cylinder boring machines begins.
1935HASBERG-Schneider moves to Baden-Baden to the company building on Am Eichelgarten 9, a former hospital.
1945After 1945 the company takes on all available contract work repairing machines; the production of honing and drilling machines is resumed.
1955Hans Schneider, company founder, passes away; Klaus Schneider, his son, takes over the company. Production and construction of specialized machines for various companies. Distribution of precision gauge tape begins.

Division of the company into the HASBERG-Schneider Maschinenfabrik (Machine Factory) and the HASBERG-Schneider Präzisionslehrenband (Precision Gauge Tape). HASBERG-Schneider Präzisionslehrenband moves to a new location, Hochstrasse 6 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

1965Final division of the Maschinenfabrik and the distribution of precision gauge tape. The machine producing factory is sold and today is called Maschinenfabrik Baden-Baden.
HASBERG-Schneider, Präzisionslehrenband moves to Bernau am Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany.
Expansion of the product line (precision gauge tape from 0.01 mm to
1.00 mm thickness; 6 to 150 mm width, reference sheets, Allen key sets and protective vice jaws).

After two relocations in the city, construction of a new company building on Rudolf-Stratz-Strasse 1 begins. Expansion of customer base throughout Europe.

1983Expansion of customer network to Asia.
Introduction of especially cut-to-order products and metal blanks from the available precision gauge tape.
Construction of the HASBERG-Schneider Tennis Centre in Bernau, Germany begins.
Klaus Schneider continues to lead HASBERG-Schneider Precision Gauge Tape, his brother Thomas Schneider takes over the leadership of the HASBERG-Schneider Tennis Centre.
2010After Klaus Schneider passes away, Thomas Schneider takes over the management of both divisions of the company.
2015Establishment of the Thomas-Schneider Foundation.
2020Warehouse capacity expansion
The product range is extended to underlay foil boards in the format 300 x 500 mm.

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