History of HASBERG-Schneider GmbH


Hans Schneider founds HASBERG in Heidelberg, Germany.
Hence the company name HASBERG: Hans Schneider, Heidelberg.
Production of cylinder drilling machines, honing machines and cylinder boring machines begins.


HASBERG-Schneider moves to Baden-Baden to the company building on Am Eichelgarten 9, a former hospital.

1945After 1945 the company takes on all available contract work repairing
machines; the production of honing and drilling machines is resumed.  

Hans Schneider, company founder, passes away; Klaus Schneider, his son, takes over the company. Production and construction of specialized machines for various companies. Distribution of precision gauge tape begins.


Division of the company into the HASBERG-Schneider Maschinenfabrik (Machine Factory) and the HASBERG-Schneider Präzisionslehrenband (Precision Gauge Tape). HASBERG-Schneider Präzisionslehrenband moves to a new location, Hochstrasse 6 in Baden-Baden, Germany.


Final division of the Maschinenfabrik and the distribution of precision gauge tape. The machine producing factory is sold and today is called Maschinenfabrik Baden-Baden.
HASBERG-Schneider, Präzisionslehrenband moves to Bernau am Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany.
Expansion of the product line (precision gauge tape from 0.01 mm to
1.00 mm thickness; 6 to 150 mm width, reference sheets, Allen key sets and protective vice jaws).


After two relocations in the city, construction of a new company building on Rudolf-Stratz-Strasse 1 begins. Expansion of customer base throughout Europe.


Expansion of customer network to Asia.
Introduction of especially cut-to-order products and metal blanks from the available precision gauge tape.
Construction of the HASBERG-Schneider Tennis Centre in Bernau, Germany begins.
Klaus Schneider continues to lead HASBERG-Schneider Precision Gauge Tape, his brother Thomas Schneider takes over the leadership of the HASBERG-Schneider Tennis Centre.


After Klaus Schneider passes away, Thomas Schneider takes over the management of both divisions of the company.

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